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  • Will a Tranquil-Mind Treatment cause a positive drug screen result?
    No. Although the patient testimonial videos are filled with amazing success stories that appear to have "drug like results", the technology emits only natural plant materials and will not cause a positive drug screen result. Treatments are Aromatherapy treatments but work so well due to the combined technologies employed that it's "Aromatherapy 2.0".
  • Will Tranquil-Mind Treatments impair my driving ability?
    No. Treatments will not impair mental focus or physical dexterity. In fact, patients generally report feeling more coordination and focus after a treatment. However, some patients specifically request treatments designed to be sedating. If you request a treatment involving this outcome, you will need to arrange for post treatment transportation.
  • Can I become addicted to Tranquil-Mind Treatments?
    No. Forest Therapy inhalation is non-addictive. Experiencing a Tranquil-Mind Treatment is analogous to taking a walk in nature without getting tired from the walk. Though many people often find nature walks an important part of their routine, by no means is this considered "addicting".
  • Will I have withdrawal systems if I stop using Tranquil-Mind?
    No. Treatments produce no side effects or withdrawal symptoms.
  • Are Tranquil-Mind treatments dangerous to use like many pain relieving pharmaceuticals?
    No. Tranquil-Mind is an advanced "high-tech" form Aromatherapy, Forest Therapy. Aromatherapy has been used continually since ancient times and predates the FDA and all governmental regulatory bodies. Aromatherapy has been and continues to be verified as safe, and is used in clinical offices and spas throughout the world - and is also included in many governmental healthcare systems throughout the world.
  • How expensive is a Tranquil-Mind Treatment?
    Although practitioners are free to charge their own fees for administration of Treatments, the prices are a fraction of the cost to modern pharmaceuticals without any side effects or additional risks.
  • Will my insurance , or medicare pay for a Tranquil-Mind treatment?
    No, at this point in time insurance and federal programs do not cover Forest Therapy-Aromatherapy treatments.
  • Does a physician have to prescribe a Tranquil-Mind treatment?
    No. Although physicians use the Tranquil-Mind system for patient therapies, a prescription is not required. As an Aromatherapy diffuser device, Tranquil-Mind does not fall under prescribed treatment requirements. Any allied healthcare practitioner can administer therapies
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