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Together Again




Drug-Free Natural Stress Relief

Digital Health Based Therapy based on the Drug-Free Health Modality of Forest Medicine

Forest atmospheres contain thousands of plant essences. The health benefits of breathing these terpenes emitted by plants have been well demonstrated, and the practice of Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku), is recommended by the Japanese government and practiced throughout the world.

Although a truly ancient health modality that has existed in Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Indigenous cultures throughout history, Western medicine is just now realizing the health benefits of Forest Medicine and spending time in the natural environment is becoming a regularly prescribed therapy in Europe and the USA.


The Tranquil-Mind System with Virtual Reality (VR) creates an immersive therapeutic experience that brings the natural wellness benefits of the world's forests into clinical practices, offering effective complementary and alternative therapies to patients and clients without the side effects of prescribed pharmaceuticals.

James Spencer


Operation Iraqi Freedom, 


PTSD, Anxiety 

“I would have never thought something as simple as this would make the bad dreams... the flash backs (go away), it changed my life. "

Morgan James, USMC

Operation Iraqi Freedom

PTSD, Anxiety

"I came in very anxious and post-treatment I feel great, have no side effects and I am pleased with its effects."

Nathan Allen, USAF 

Operation Enduring Freedom

PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

“I feel great about the treatment, I feel more relaxed and I definitely would like to continue onwards with treatment."

Eric Abrams 

Stress, Anxiety

“I came in with severe anxiety and within 15 minutes of treatment it decreased to a tolerable baseline to which i could go on about my day."

Candice Joyner

PTSD, Anxiety

"My anxiety and PTSD is very extreme and I have not felt this relaxed and calm even with and compared to my medication - i could not tell you how long."

Mary Hitch,

PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

“There is no comparison- I do not feel any side-effects, i have good symptom improvement in comparision to my medications. Wellbutrin, keppra, strattera”

Miles Milner

PTSD, Anxiety

“I like this and prefer it to my klonopin for my PTSD. I do not have any anxiety, I feel really mellow and happy."

Brett Mcdaniels


"It is a pleasurable experience, and i feel relaxed... my anxiety has significantly decreased."

Jill Hutchinson



“I absolutely love it, i can instantly tell i have less stress and feel more relaxed and i feel like i haven't taken anything.”

Steven Thomas


“I'm seeing responses across the board in regards to anxiety, tensions, lower-back pain. I am experiencing relief that I have not experienced in over 10 years."

Ariel Clark 


Anxiety, ASD, Seizures

"it has been really impressive how well I can integrate with others now and respond more quickly to them. I am impressed with how well my socialization has increased."

Gina allen

Anxiety, Depression

“for my anxiety a spiked heart rate is common and after treatment I feel more relaxed, my heart rate is lower and I do feel safer.”

Lawanda Franks

anxiety, Fibromyalgia

“I don't have any anxiety, although I am clear headed. I feel honored to be part of this, this is real."

Casey Henderson


Anxiety, Depression

"I get longer and longer relief with every treatment. It makes you feel uplifted, my anxiety is gone, I can not say enough about it."

Kim Peebles,


Anxiety, Depression

“it takes care of your mental and physical issues which is incredible in of itself and something hospitals can not even take care of.”
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